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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) in Scotland

Energy Performance Certification (EPCs) in Scotland for new and existing Domestic and Non Domestic buildings

BRE is approved by the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government, to operate Energy Performance Certification (EPC) Schemes for New and Existing Domestic and Non Domestic Buildings in Scotland. It is necessary for an individual to be a member of such Schemes to legally issue EPCs in Scotland. This authority was extended, with effect from 09 January 2013, to allow accredited members of the BRE Schemes to issue EPCs for both existing and new buildings in Scotland.
Membership of the EPC Scheme is a pre-requisite to attaining Green Deal Advisor accreditation (see below).

How to obtain an EPC for your property

EPCs are required for buildings when they were being sold or rented. If you would like to be sent details of your local BRE Certifier, please e-mail your contact details, and some basic information on the property, by e-mail to:

It would be helpful if you could include your name, contact telephone number, e-mail address, property type, (domestic or non domestic) and town where the property is located. We will e-mail you details of the local Certifiers. Once received and you have contacted a Certifier, you will be offered terms and condition to have an EPC produced.

Need to find out if there is an EPC on your property?

The BRE Scheme does not offer an EPC retrieval service. If you had an EPC for sale, rental or or solar panels, you should, in the first instance, contact the firm who handled the transaction to obtain a copy of the document or details of the Certifier who produced the EPC.

Training and membership to the EPC Schemes

The route to become a member of one of the BRE EPC Schemes is to:

  • Download, complete and post the membership form to the EPC Scheme for assessment.
  • Once the assessment has been completed, the Scheme will confirm a training course that is specific to your requirements.
  • You will be signposted to the necessary training courses.
  • Once the training phase is completed, you submit a sample portfolio of EPCs for assessment.
  • When you have successfully completed the assessment phase, your membership can be confirmed.

Use the “Joining Information” button on the left to get your membership form.
Membership enquiry No. 01355 576200

Training courses

When your receive your training recommendations from the Scheme, use the “Available Training”  button on the left to locate your course. Select your course date and click through the booking instructions links to secure a place.

Green Deal

Green Deal for Domestic and Non Domestic properties

BRE offer an integrated Green Deal service which can take those who need trained to EPC Certifier standard and upskill to Green Deal Assessor (GDA) accreditation (Level 3 Diploma). In addition we can help your firm to attain Green Deal Advisor Organisation status allowing you to engage GDAs and produce assessments for the public.

Green Deal Installers  are also catered for under this service provision.

Microgeneration Certifiers are also welcome to contact BRE to find out how Green Deal can work for them.

If you want to engage BRE on Green Deal, please use this link and select your topic of interest.
Alternatively, please call BRE Scotland on:  01355 576200

BRE Scheme Document SD172 available from the EPC Scheme administrator at

Disclosure Scotland

Domestic Scheme applicants should be aware that it is necessary to supply a recent basic Disclosure Scotland Certificate with your application.

Contact details:

BRE Scotland
Energy Schemes Administrator
Tel:         01355 576200