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Greater sustainability and its many benefits can be achieved for all buildings, homes, organisations and communities.  

Internationally recognised as the developers of sustainability standards codes and methodologies (such as BREEAM) for buildings, homes and communities, our expert team offers a comprehensive range of cradle to grave sustainability services. We can also help to reduce the environmental impact of construction processes, materials and operations, and provide leading edge information and advice on all aspects of the sustainability of:

Individual buildings - we offer sustainable design, construction and management advice for all types of building. Experience gained in developing BREEAM and managing the BRE Innovation Park equips us to help you improve the sustainability of your buildings, achieve BREEAM ratings and comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Communities - we have developed tools such as BREEAM Communities to enable planners and development teams to address sustainability from an early stage.

Organisations - our long-established expertise can help you to deliver your business in ways that are environmentally beneficial, cut costs and are attractive to customers, staff and investors.  

Materials, products and services - the Green Guide Online provides details of the life cycle environmental impacts of construction materials and components, and the Green Book is a free online database of products and services. These resources and our consultancy services will provide the information needed to specify for reduced environmental impact.

Waste - Our waste reduction experts and tools (such as SMARTWaste) will help you to draw up site waste management plans and cut costs by reducing wastes incurred during construction and use of the building.

Training and publications - high quality training courses from the BRE Academy and publications (available at ) are delivered and produced by experienced experts on all aspects of sustainability.

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