BRE Group: Testing building systems and materials

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Testing building systems and materials

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the answer to virtually any construction-related testing question.

Backed by an extraordinary range of test facilities, some of which are listed below, our experts test individual materials and products, building systems, engineering structures and whole buildings, using both well established methods and bespoke research tests and simulations. We typically test against published standards, but can develop dedicated procedures for new, unique or innovative products.

Our testing services are carried out by expert teams and include:

Research and development testing - oftenas part of innovation projects.

Design testing including: acoustics - air quality -airtightness -HVAC systems - wind tunnel testing -geotechnical testing

Remedial testing - we provide site inspections and testing of, for example, coatings for any material and situation.

Test facilities

Our unique range of test facilities includes:

  • Two atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnels in which natural wind can be simulated for environments ranging from open country to city centres
  • One of the largest anechoic chambers in Europe and a well equipped acoustics laboratory
  • HVAC laboratories, including heat pump test facilities and environmental test chambers for full scale mock-up testing of internal environments and HVAC systems
  • The largest burn hall in Europe and other very extensive fire and security test facilities
  • A wide range of testing facilities related to performance of timber and timber engineering, concrete, stone  and other traditional and innovative construction materials and components
  • Large-scale structural test facilities.
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