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Research & innovation

Generating and applying state-of-the art knowledge and bringing new ideas to life

Our expert teams are among world leaders in built environment research and innovation. Their capacity to generate new knowledge and to support and test new ideas underpins cutting-edge research and innovation services in all areas of the built environment.


Materials - we have one of the most comprehensive capabilities for materials research and testing anywhere in the world. Our experts deal with all issues relating to the properties, use and sustainability of construction materials, and with new materials research.

Sustainability - ranging from sustainable planning to post-occupancy trials and beyond, our services include:

Energy: energy efficient strategies and building systems, the use of renewable energy technologies, meeting low carbon targets, new approaches to lighting and ventilation.
Water: strategies for conserving water and reducing flooding.
Waste: new ways of reducing waste and making commercial use of unavoidable waste.

Fire - with one of the largest and most advanced fire research facilities in Europe, we offer research and investigation services in all fire issues concerning buildings, infrastructure and transport.

Intelligent buildings - we investigate the intelligent building systems and assistive technologies that could revolutionise the provision of health, educational and social programmes.


Product Investment and Development ­- our venture capitalists in BRE Ventures offer a complete development service to inventors who will benefit from expertise, technical knowledge and world class testing facilities at BRE

Testing - our outstanding facilities for testing the performance of materials, products, systems and buildings, objectively and accurately demonstrate how well innovations perform.

Certification - we offeran independent, third-party certification and approvals service for innovative products, materials and whole systems.

BRE Innovation Park - featuring over 300 construction innovations and emerging technologies, our Innovation Park attracts thousands of visitors from around the world every year. Visit the Park to see for yourself.

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