Third-party certification distinguishes products and services from their competitors, and gives customers confidence about their performance.

Certification is independent confirmation by an expert third party that a product and/or system meets and continue to meet appropriate standards.

BRE Global provides independent, third-party certification of fire, security and environmental products and services. Our status as a UKAS accredited laboratory reflects our competence and impartiality.

Certification gives you confidence that products and services will perform as expected - through a combination of regular company audits and a schedule of ongoing tests. It benefits both suppliers and purchasers:

Suppliers can demonstrate to customers that their products and services will meet the appropriate standards. This can enable companies to access and sell into new markets.

Purchasers can trust third-party certified products and services to meet set standards, and therefore avoid costly mistakes and reduce risk.

Our third-party certification services include:

LPCB - many insurers and specifiers look for the LPCB mark of approval when dealing with fire and security issues. LPCB approved fire and security products and services are listed in the Red Books and on Red Book Live.

BREEAM - The world's leading environmental assessment method to assess new, existing buildings and community scale development . BRE Global develops the BREEAM methodology and trains and licenses independent BREEAM Assessors.

Energy Assessor Accreditation - covers all aspects of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and ensures that Energy Assessors deliver the highest levels of service to their clients.  

Microgeneration - certification of products and installers under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Responsible sourcing - a BRE Global framework standard (BES 6001) demonstrates the responsible sourcing of construction products.

ISO9001 - the world's most established quality framework for assessing and certifying an organisation's quality management system.

ISO14001 - an authoritative demonstration of the quality of an organisation's environmental management and commitment to the environment.


All LPCB certificated fire safety and security products are listed in the 'Red Book'. These listings can be downloaded free of charge from www.redbooklive.com and also via Apps for your smartphones and tablets. A click through to the App stores is available on the home page of www.redbooklive.com.   

GreenBookLive.com is a free online database designed to help specifiers and end users identify products and services that can help to reduce their environmental impacts. It brings together listings from several organisations to deliver comprehensive information on green products and services, some certificated under BRE Global certification schemes (for example for microgeneration products and services) with other listings provided by other reputable bodies.

Green Book Live lists licensed BRE Global Accredited Energy Assessors, BREEAMassessors and the new BREEAM Approved Practitioners.