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Environmental Profiles Methodology

Environmental Profiles Methodology and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The Environmental Profiles Methodology is a standardised method of identifying and assessing the environmental effects associated with building materials over their life cycle - that is their extraction, processing, use and maintenance and their eventual disposal. This Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method is illustrated in the diagram below:


Schematic diagram of LCA process


Environmental Profiles allow designers to demand reliable and comparable environmental information about competing building materials, and give suppliers the opportunity to present credible environmental information about their products. This means that designers can have confidence in the "level playing field" status of Environmental Profiles for every material type.

Download a copy of the Methodology Document.


Certified Environmental Profiles

Many manufacturers want to demonstrate how their product compares to the industry and find ways to improve the environmental performance of their product. This is achieved through creating product specific Certified Environmental Profiles.

The Certified Environmental Profile scheme has been in operation since 2002. Certified Environmental Profiles are based on data from a detailed verification and audit process of the manufacture facility.

Benefits of Certified Environmental Profiles

Benefits of undergoing Environmental profile certification can include:

Product/market differentiation
Product sales increase
Understanding supply chain impacts
Improved efficiency
Understanding of environmental impact
Benchmarking performance
Identifying hotspots in process

For more information email BREEAMMaterials@bre.co.uk
Once a profile is complete it will be presented as both Ecopoints score and if relevant, a Green Guide rating. Adetailed report examining the environmental impacts of the product process and supply chain are provided to the manufacturer.