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Advice on the production of EPCs from BSD Energy Performance Certificates

Approved Certifers of Design Training Latest Updates

New Buildings

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) can be issued by members of BRE Global's Certification of Design Schemes (Section 6 - Energy) for new buildings.

Approved Certifiers of Design (Section 6 - Energy) have received training on producing EPCs using SAP 2005 (for domestic buildings) and/or SBEM (for non-domestic buildings) and have demonstrated their competence in this area through examination.  Verifiers should accept EPCs produced by a BRE Global Approved Certifier of Design (Section 6 - Energy) when it is produced as part of the completion certificate submitted once the building is constructed.

EPCs produced for new buildings under the BRE Global Scheme must be registered by Approved Certifiers of Design using the member's area of the website.  EPCs will normally be produced for the building that the Certifier was responsible for Certifying compliance with Section 6. 

The EPC is valid for a period of 10 years, it should be provided to the local authority Verifier and the ultimate building owner.

Existing Buildings

EPCs for existing buildings cannot be produced under the Approved Certifiers of Design Scheme.  The production of EPCs for existing buildings is undertaken by members of Approved Organisations (see http://www.sbsa.gov.uk/).  BRE Global offers a Scheme for EPCs for existing buildings (see www.bre.co.uk/epcscotland) in Scotland.  Appropriate training and assessment of competence is given to EPC Certifiers and their name appears on the EPC register at the above web address once they are approved.  EPCs for existing buildings are produced using either Approved RdSAP software for existing housing and SBEM or Dynamic Simulation Modelling for non-domestic buildings.