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Approved Certifiers of Design joining instructions for Approved Bodies

Training and Certification Schemes for Approved Certifiers of Building Design for Scotland

Approved Bodies supply certification services to their clients. A body may be a firm, (including a sole practitioner), a public body or any other organisation.  Approved Bodies must employ one or more Approved Certifiers of Design (qualified individuals), to provide certification services. For Information on becoming qualified as Approved Certifier click here.

A fee of £350 + VAT is payable for each Approved Body to join the Scheme. Thereafter annual fees of £350 + VAT are charged for continued membership. In addition each Approved Certifier (qualified individual) pays a £50 + VAT joining fee and annual fees of £50 + VAT thereafter.

Sole practitioners must apply as both Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers but are only required to pay a total joining fee of £350 + VAT (and £350 + VAT per annum thereafter). Payment is by cheque (made payable to Building Research Establishment Limited). The fee needs to accompany the application form and associated documents. A full VAT  receipt will be emailed once payment has been accepted.

Each Approved Body must designate a certification co-ordinator (who may or may not be an Approved Certifier),  for each scheme.. This co-ordinator may counter-sign certificates and should act as

  • The main contact for the Approved Body
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that the body retains scheme membership
  • Handle any complaint concerning any aspects of the certification.

Bodies with more than one office should make a separate application for each branch office wishing to offer the service.  Only offices employing one or more Certifiers are eligible for membership.

Please read the Scheme Documents and Guide before making an application