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BRE Wales

BRE Wales is a multi-disciplinary team providing sustainable building consultancy and research throughout Wales, the South West and beyond. Examples of our main areas of expertise include:

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation of buildings in use, including energy audits and monitoring to optimise in-use performance
  • Client Sustainable Design Advisor services, offering client and design team support throughout the design, construction and occupation of a building project to deliver the client's needs
  • Working with Housing Associations and developers to create low energy housing for the future, including guidance on achieving various energy standards, certifications or future regulations
  • Refurbishment advice for building managers and housing stock owners, from identifying strategic renewal areas through to assistance with detailed design, energy and condensation risk modelling
  • Building design optimisation through dynamic simulation, trading off competing parameters to deliver an enhanced solution
  • Environmental Site Analysis to enable early strategic decisions about building design and an effective route to low impact buildings
  • Thermal bridging modelling and condensation risk analysis associated with construction details, both for new build and refurbishment
  • Utilising thermal modelling software to establish energy loss/ U-values from more complex construction arrangements
  • Exposure assessments in accordance with BS 8104, 'Code of practice for assessing exposure of walls to wind-driven rain'