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Solar shading

With the appeal of naturally lit spaces and the drive towards reducing energy consumption, a key objective for many building designers is to maximise the use of natural light while avoiding problems of glare and excessive solar heat gain.

We offer advice and consultancy on solar shading to reduce overheating and control glare, while achieving attractive natural lighting and meeting the aesthetic requirements of the building. Issues we can help with include:

Design - assessing proposed buildings at the design stage, and advising architects and designers on the best forms of solar control.

Building regulations - providing guidance on compliance with the solar overheating provisions of the Building Regulations Part L.

Performance - measuring and calculating the performance of solar shading products such as blinds and external shades.

Existing buildings - visiting existing buildings with overheating and glare problems, and suggesting solutions for building owners and facilities manufacturers.

Specialist areas - we have detailed expertise in specialist areas, including the automatic control and operation of shading, the daylighting effects of shading provision, the best forms of shading for areas with visual display screens, reducing light induced damage in museums and art galleries, and shading of rooflights and atria.