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Plot 1 Applegreen House

We don't just build homes, we create communities.

At precisely the time when Housing in the UK faces unprecedented challenges, AppleGreen has produced a bigger, fast-build, energy-efficient, affordable home.

  • Bigger homes, room to grow, room to breathe
  • Fast-build, wind & water tight in just two days
  • Energy-efficient, fabric-first design plus renewables
  • Affordable, smarter construction and rigorous sourcing have overturned the price/quality equation.

Hybrid Build Process

Partially built in a factory, our highly-insulated timber frame panels offer a better quality build and with our own-brand triple glazed windows, a more energy-efficient home is created.

Our fast-build system can be wind and water tight in two days, allowing external and internal work to begin at the same time.

AppleGreen offers a solution for the need to build volume housing and with our renewables package, the product to defeat fuel poverty.


Working with universities around the UK such as Glasgow Caledonian, Strathclyde, Napier, we will ensure we are at the forefront of R&D for energy efficient homes.

Lessons learned with research on our exhibition home at the BRE Innovation Park, will allow AppleGreen to continue to build bigger, better, warmer homes.

Currently the AppleGreen homes being built in Manchester are 25% ahead of what is required by government building regs.


Our first sites will be in the Greater Manchester Area, supported by The Greater Manchester Housing Fund.

First site is for 10 homes followed by further sites of approx. 30 to 50 homes per development.

The AppleGreen Kit

Due to the significant interest in AppleGreen affordable, energy efficient homes they are working with their suppliers to provide a one stop shop to supply everything required above ground to build one of their homes.

This will include the products such as insulated timber frames, triple glazed windows, bricks, render, roof tiles, plasterboard, doors, skirting, kitchens, bathrooms, staircase, solar and any other energy saving products, to even the paint and tiles etc.   

This will allow cost savings through volume procurement after exhaustive searches for quality product with leading suppliers.

An Applegreen community considers the natural environment in its design and aims to reduce the input of energy, water and other resources, as well as minimising the generation of waste and other environmental disturbances.

Working with leading Universities and Architects within the UK we have developed an affordable energy efficient and sustainable build method.  Using technologies from around the world will assist any community in achieving sustainable builds as well as ongoing sustainable living.

Our houses are off-site construction, providing a much higher quality of build, less weather delays and therefore a much quicker build time.

We currently reach code 5 for our homes (depending on sites), including fully integrated renewable package.  Vastly reducing energy costs, putting money back into the community through disposable income.

Our aim is to build community social/affordable housing by the community themselves, if necessary using local factory, with the majority of work subcontracted to your local SME's.

We can also fully fund the project, from buying of land to construction costs, properties are leased to you for an agreed time, then sold to you for £1.

We are starting projects in the North of England and Scotland soon, as well as international.  Our build costs are comparitive with traditional build, which considering the code level we achieve and speed of build, is excellent value for money.

Interior of the AppleGreen House

 Kitchen area        

 kitchen area                                                        children's bedroom

The house has been designed as an offsite construction with varying external finishes to suit the needs of the location and preferences of the purchasers.

Living room        Dining room

Living room                                                        Dining room


Master bedroom       Stairway

 Master bedroom                                             Stairway


View Applegreen House via video below.


AppleGreen can offer you:

  • A growing world wide brand
  • Architectural designs for our energy efficient homes and other builds
  • Work with leading architects on community master plans
  • Full support from our structural engineers
  • All energy efficiency R&D completed by our partner Universities
  • Set up advice and guidance
  • Key training on all aspects of our builds
  • Full supply chain of key components in place
  • We are currently looking for partners in the UK, Asia, Middle East and USA

Plot 1 on the Innovation Park. Approx 115 sq m, almost 1300 sq ft house over two levels

 Applegreen house     Apple=green

  • 3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite
  • Open plan living, roof terrace
  • 3.9kw Solar system with feed in tariff
  • No heating, hot water and lighting bills
  • Highly insulated, airtight home.
  • Performance will be monitored by Glasgow Caledonian University 24/7

AppleGreen Homes have funding partners who are able to fully fund social housing projects with RSL’s and Council housing.


For more information on Applegreen Homes:                                                                                    E: alan@applegreenhomes.com or T: 44 (0) 141 354 1618