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About Green Deal


Green Deal

What is Green Deal? How will it affect you? What are the latest developments in policy? When does it start? Will BRE be involved?

Green Deal is a new policy initiative being led by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). It is a framework to enable private firms to offer consumers energy efficient improvements to their homes, community spaces and businesses at no up front cost and to recoup payments through a charge in instalments on the energy bill.

The Green Deal is expected to be launched in October 2012 and represents a significant opportunity for many already operating in the industry sector. Over the next 12 months, development of Green Deal policy, National Occupational Standards (NOS), Green Deal Training courses, Installer and Green Deal Advisor Certification Scheme Standards will all be completed.

This portal has been designed to keep interested parties up to date with information as and when it becomes available for Green Deal in Scotland.

To ensure that you are kept fully up to date with BRE Scotland's developments on the Green Deal, please register your interest below.

Green Deal enquires - e-mail eastkilbride@bre.co.uk

  • The customer receives a package of energy efficiency measures (up to £10,000) at no up-front cost from a 'Green Deal provider'.
  • The cost of the measures is paid back over the long term (for example, 25 years) through repayments made via energy bills. The payback period must be no longer than the life of the measure. (Golden rule)
  • The cost of the repayments will be equal to or less than the likely energy bill savings (Golden rule). However this is only an estimate: no guarantee!
  • The customer?s energy supplier will act as a conduit to pass the Green Deal repayments to the Green Deal provider.
  • Green Deal finance will not be structured as a conventional loan: the customer will not be liable for the capital sum, only the repayments whilst they occupy the property.
  • If the occupants of the property change, the obligation to pay the Green Deal charge on the energy bills will pass to the new occupier.
  • If the occupier switches energy supplier, the payments of the Green Deal charge on the energy bills will transfer to the new supplier.
  • The Green Deal will include owner-occupiers, the private and social rented sectors and the commercial sector.


More information and policy development:

Visit the DECC Green Deal pages at: http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/tackling/green_deal/green_deal.aspx

Here you will find:

  • Updates from the DECC stakeholder forums
  • The Green Deal: A summary of the  Governments Proposals
  • The Green Deal: Energy savings for homes and businesses
  • Green Deal milestones and progress
  • Subscribe to receive the DECC Green Deal Bulletin

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