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Infrastructure Works

Enabling works for the first purpose-built Innovation Park in the world

The BRE Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig is the world's first purpose-built Innovation Park. The construction of the Park on the site of the former steelworks in Lanarkshire, has created a vision of sustainable development in which the landscape and infrastructure compliments and supports the performance of low carbon demonstration buildings.

The Ravenscraig site is a significant area of brownfield, which resulted in many implications and limitations for the design and development of the Innovation Park. The design of the Park was informed by a number of elements including:

  • the management of surface water within the clay-capped site
  • the need to maximise passive solar gain
  • the creation of a 'model' development which created a sense of community, and
  • the provision of infrastructure and services which were custom-designed to meet the needs of the buildings on site.

model of Innovation Park

This considered approach has provided a platform for the construction industry and its associated supply chain partners to demonstrate their products, systems and technologies that can play an active role in addressing carbon reduction targets. The learning from the development of the Innovation Park and related research activities will inform the industry as it moves forward in these challenging economic conditions.

NLCThe delivery of the Innovation Park masterplan and completion of the infrastructure works was financed by a combination of public sector funding and industry contributions. North Lanarkshire Council provided a grant from their Vacant Derelict Land Fund to pay for labour costs and other items relating to the development of the site. This grant funding was supplemented by contributions from private sector industry partners who provided a range of innovative and high performance products for the enabling works.

This combined support allowed BRE to develop the Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig as a vision of sustainable development, where the landscape and infrastructure supports the performance of demonstration buildings and allows them to maximise the potential savings from water management and carbon reduction.

A copy of the masterplan can be found here or is available to download on the right. This illustration identifies the range of products, their details and positioning within the Innovation Park, that have been provided by project stakeholders to support the development of the Park to date.

BRE could not have completed the development of the Innovation Park site without these assistance of these project partners and their support has been greatly valued.

Principal project partners for the enabling works include:

BASFenvac UKFlag SopremaMaccaferrimarshalls plcTimber TechWoodhouse