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SAP Scientific Integrity Group

As part of its support to DECC on SAP, BRE runs the secretariat for SAPSIG - the SAP Scientific Integrity Group.  The purpose of the group is to maintain and protect the integrity, coherence and impartiality of the SAP model.

The Group’s main terms of reference are:

  • to safeguard the scientific integrity of the SAP model
  • to ensure the SAP methodology is consistent and robust, within the limits of accuracy needed for the purpose of SAP
  • to avoid uneven development (i.e. excessively detailed treatment in some areas while others remain relatively crude)
  • to balance complexity against practicalities (the practicalities being cost of development and future maintenance, time and effort needed for a SAP assessment, training and skills level of assessors)
  • to ensure specific commercial and political considerations do not influence decisions.

Further details and publicly available documents are available at the SAPSIG web-site at www.sapsig.bre.co.uk.