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BRE’s National Resilience Centre

BRE proposes the development of a long term sustained initiative to increase resilience in the UK. The initiative will involve the creation of a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in resilience. This will be a national and ultimately global resource that will be placed at the disposal of government, local authorities, environment agencies, industry and the public in various ways.

The Centre will tackle a number of issues that will improve the resilience capacity in the UK and result in a concentration of expertise and knowledge that is unrivalled on an international basis. A new Resilience Centre would be the catalyst for growing the UK’s capability and capacity towards Resilience and will be outcome focussed. The Centre will commence operations by focussing on flooding and climate resilience, but it will grow to encompass security, terrorism, natural disasters, natural resource depletion and other aspects.


The Resilience Centre will have four cornerstones, each of which will play a vital role in driving resilience;

  • Research, innovation and knowledge capacity
  • Standards for resilience
  • Resilience certification
  • Good practice demonstration

BRE 'White Paper' on Flooding Resilence

Our new White Paper 'A future flood resilient built environment' was published at our recent Resilience14 event. Download the White Paper for free now.

BRE News, 27 November 2014: Hundreds attend first national event on resilience

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If you would like further information on BRE’s National Centre for Resilience please contact Dr Stephen Garvin (see upper right)