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Ingress of chemical vapours from contaminated land into buildings

BRE offers a comprehensive consultancy service on the environmental implications of contaminants found on sites

As people spend more than 90% of their time in indoor environments the contamination of indoor air creates a potential risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals.

BRE offers customers a comprehensive range of services to deal with the environmental implications of contaminants found on sites, including ground investigations, risk assessment studies, sampling and measuring VOCs and the evaluation of the effectiveness of remedial measures.

BRE's team of experts can develop bespoke tests to each individual situation, using a wide range of measurement methods including:

  • soil vapour measurement
  • flux box measurement 
  • air sampling
  • landfill gas measurement

Our indoor air quality laboratory is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0578. We offer methods for sampling and analysis of specific volatile organic compounds in the air and provide guidance on methods of evaluating indoor air quality.  Our unique database on air quality in buildings is used to inform the evaluation of risks to occupants alongside published guidance on risks from exposure to chemicals.

Related BRE work:

Here the client was concerned that chlorinated butadienes present in the ground may be entering the buildings and causing a significant risk to the health of residents.  BRE was responsible for the design and implementation of the study, which included development of a measurement method provision of a field team for sampling, preparation of an interpretative report, and   examining the effectiveness of remedial measures.