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EMC testing facilities

BRE Global can offer the very best in modern EMC testing facilities

Significant investment in recent years mean that BRE can offer the very best in modern EMC testing facilities to rival any in the country.

Our EMC test facilities:

  • 3m fully compliant semi-anechoic RF chamber (9m x 6m x 6m) with control room, 2m diameter 1.5 tonne capacity turntable, 4m antenna mast.
    • Radiated immunity - 10kHz to 2GHz at up to 60V/m
    • Radiated emissions - 10kHz to 18GHz
  • A large GTEM cell suitable for radiated immunity measurements on products up to 0.5m3 over the frequency range 10kHz to 2GHz
  • RF screened room (4m x 4m x 2.4m) with test equipment for performing mains conducted emissions and conducted RF immunity tests.
  • Test rooms and equipment dedicated for performing electrical fast transient burst, slow high energy surges, electrostatic discharge, voltage dip and variations, harmonics and flicker tests.
  • A range of test facilities and equipment for performing tests on electronic sub-assemblies (ESA), Separate Technical Units (STU) and components designed for the automotive environment. Tests include measurement of narrowband and broadband radiated emissions, bulk current injection and radiated immunity, vehicle electrical transients and electrostatic discharge.

BRE Global is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0578 and has been approved as a Technical Service by the Vehicle Certification Agency. We are also a DTI-appointed competent body for the assessment of Technical Construction Files under the EMC directive.