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Clients Advisory Service

BRE works with both Clients and their delivery teams including Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers and Suppliers to help them to meet their BIM Level 2 project needs.

For Clients the creation of an Employers Information Requirements (EIR) document is key to a successful BIM Level 2 project and BRE are able to work with you in either formulating or checking this document is appropriate for your needs. We can also aid with checking and validation of your supply chains capability and also their deliverables through either our BIM Execution Plan (BEP) Checking Service or the BIM Model Checking Service.

The Company BIM Process Review (BIMPR) is an overview process of your supply chains existing tools, technology and process that provides a clear strategy on the steps needed to climb the BIM Level 2 ladder. We can also provide help and guidance for Clients on how best to engage with the BIM process to aid lifecycle management.

Specific Employers Services available are:

Employers Information Requirements

Model Checking Service

BEP Checking Service