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Commercial & industrial

We can help you with every aspect of the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of your office, industrial or other commercial properties.

Issues on which we offer expert services include:

Energy - with Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) having to be displayed in new, leased or rented buildings, the level of rating achieved can affect their value. We will help you to improve the rating, and reduce energy use through cost-saving energy efficiency measures, and the effective use of renewable and low carbon energy sources and carbon offsetting.

Recent post occupancy evaluations that we have conducted on office buildings have confirmed the many benefits - such as improved staff health and well-being - of low carbon buildings, in addition to cost savings.

Design - our expertise extends to all aspectsof building design and refurbishment. We can help you to create safe, healthy and comfortable building environments that are well lit and ventilated, and designed to enhance sustainability. As the developers of BREEAM we can advise on every aspect of you property's environmental credentials, and on achieving higher BREEAM ratings

Construction and fit out - we advise on using suitable, sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, products and processes for constructing and fitting-out your premises.

Fire and security - owners and managers of commercial buildings have moral and legal obligations to ensure their buildings are safe from fire and security breaches.  Our experts can help you with fire risk assessments and training, fire safety engineering and fire modelling. Red Book listings of LPCB approved fire and security products, installers and maintenance firms will give you confidence when specifying and using products and services.