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BIM Certification for Individuals FAQ's

Why do I need BIM certification?
In an increasing market place of BIM managers, new regulations and the UK Government’s announcement of BIM Level 2, at BRE we are offering a certificated benchmark so that individuals are recognised as leading professionals in their sector. Based on PAS1192:2 2013, certification shows potential employers that the individual has met or has detailed knowledge of industry standards and is working to the highest standards. With regular assessment and audits of completed works, employers understand that certificated practitioners have the capability to complete BIM tasks.
What further training do I need to become certificated?
You will need to complete BRE Academy BIM Stage 1 [BIM Fundamentals, classroom or BIM Essentials, online] and BIM Stage 2 [Task/Project Information Manager, classroom or BIM: Information management, online] exams.  Submit an application with the required documents.  Once your application has been accepted you will need to successfully complete an audit before being granted certification. More details and booking for BRE Academy BIM training can be found here. A certification process map can be found within the scheme document.
I am already a practising BIM Manager with 10 years’ experience. Do I still need to do the BRE training?
Applicants must have successfully completed the examinations detailed above. This is currently an entry requirement on both pathways to certification, however,  please note that applicants do not need to hold a qualification such as a degree in relevant subject if they have gained more than two years of experience working in the BIM industry. 
How long does the process take?
Once the application, uploaded documents and application/membership fee has been received, you will then be sent your audit request form for completion. Upon receipt of this, feedback will be provided within 30 days. The full process can take as little as 6 weeks. 
What is the cost for certification?
There is an application and first year scheme membership fee of £295 and a desktop audit fee of £300 for a TIM/PIM or £200 for Informed professional.  Certification runs in a three year cycle, in the first year you pay the above application/membership and audit fee and in years two and three there is an annual management fee of £150 per year.  After three years you must be re-audited and the year one fees apply and so on.

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