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Level 2 Requirements

Following the UK Government target of achieving BIM maturity level 2 by 2016 on all public sector asset procurement, there has been confusion over what are the specific requirements to be met in order to achieve BIM level 2. The requirements to achieve BIM level 2 are outlined within PAS1192-2:2013, which are summarised below.

a) Development of information models which reference, federate or exchange information with other models;
b) Provision of an Employers Information Requirements (EIR) document with clear definition and decision points;
c) Supplier & Supply chain capability assessment;
d) Provision of a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) including assigned roles, standard, methods, & procedures and a master information delivery matrix aligned with the project programme;
e) Provision of a Common Data Environment;
f) Compliance with the documents and standards listed in our Level 2 Documents and Standards section;
g) Development of information models utilising database-based software, and analysis software;

To aid the industry in achieving BIM maturity level 2 by 2016, BRE have developed a number of services:


BIM Education and Training

  • BIM Courses Level 2 Pathway: Aids by Educating attendees with BIM foundation knowledge and provides an overview of the above requirements;
  • Other BIM Education Material: BRE also run awareness sessions, CPD seminars, and other education material to aid in industry in achieving BIM maturity level 2;

BIM Advisory Services with BRE

  • Employers Advisory Service: Aids by developing key documents with the employer, such as the EIR or BEP. In addition, this service can aid further by auditing incoming documentation.
  • Supply Team Services: Aids by reviewing BIM processes and business documentation to ensure that they align correctly to the above requirements to allow BIM maturity level 2 compliance.