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Energy Management of Buildings

BRE has two BIM Energy Management in Building projects:

  • KnoHol-EM, a £3.3M FP7 project
  • a BRE Trust funded District Information Modelling (DIM) project

Both projects are established to create efficient energy optimisation of buildings with “users in the loop” real time control mechanisms that are based on BIM systems. The main difference is that KnoHol-EM is based on a building only solution (and is a Europe wide project) whilst DIM Cities uses the approach on a District/Estate Portfolio level. The same methodology is applied to both projects as a functional model of the works is created from additional sensor data and these inputs (sitting atop the current BMS controls) are used to define the energy consumption optimisation algorithms in real time. A key aim is to enhance the current BIM standard by creating an IFC compliant specification that also contains the building physics data necessary to inform the sensor ontology