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Product Listings

BRE Global undertakes certification of material and products and creates listings in RedBookLive and GreenBookLive.

To be useful, BIM is dependent upon data such as this and it is the capacity to incorporate and manipulate it that is in some ways more important than the graphical capabilities of BIM software. BRE Global has embarked on a programme of establishing data sets – that may be wider in scope than those required in the COBie templates recently issued on the government BIM Task Group – for the product types in the listings. The draft COBie templates have been prepared under contract to the government by the National Building Specification (NBS) which is a part of RIBA Enterprises. BRE Global has a longstanding Memorandum of Understanding with RIBAE which we have recently reactivated and we intend to collaboration on this and a number of other initiatives related to BIM.