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BRE Domestic Energy Model (BREDEM 2012)

The BRE Domestic Energy Model (BREDEM) is a methodology for calculating the energy use and fuel requirements of dwellings based on their characteristics. It is suitable for use in research work, such as stock modelling. It shares some features with the SAP methodology, but allows users to adjust inputs which are fixed in SAP, making it better suited to certain analysis tasks. The current version is BREDEM 2012. The link below provides a document describing how to carry out a BREDEM calculation, step-by-step. Notices describing any changes or updates will be posted on this page.

The BREDEM methodology is owned by BRE, but we allow it's use freely for research and non-commercial purposes. If you wish to make use of the methodology on a commercial basis please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss.


Technical specification of BREDEM 2012 (version 1.1, January 2015 with corrections)