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Radon solution sheets

These sheets were prepared by BRE for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs in 2003. They remain useful for installers but you are advised to also consider the more recently published guidance contained in:



Internal mini sump system
Sheet 1

Internal standard sump system
Sheet 2

Externally excavated mini sump system
Sheet 3

Sump system beneath a timber floor
Sheet 4

Externally excavated mini sump system with internal fan
Sheet 5

Sump system located within garage
Sheet 6

Typical kit of parts for an externally excavated mini sump system
Sheet 7

Passive mini sump system
Sheet 8

External mini sump with low - level exhaust
Sheet 9

improving natural underfloor ventilation
Sheet 10

Mechanical underfloor ventilation
Sheet 11

Possitive pressurisation
Sheet 12

Simple sealing of floors
Sheet 13

improving the way you ventilate your house
Sheet 14

Getting the work done
Sheet 15

List of further reading and useful contacts
Sheet 16

Likely success of solutions
Sheet 17