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Using the history of the past to help build a better future

The BRE Group archive team is responsible for maintaining a historical record of the work carried out by BRE and the BRE Trust, and its impact on the built environment. The team collects and documents this information and enables staff, researchers, universities and other interested parties to access our archive of knowledge, contacts and scientific research which spans over 90 years.

The BRE Group publications archive 

The BRE Group publications archive is an online resource of guidance and research spanning BRE’s 90 year history. Featuring over one thousand technical documents including overseas building notes, digests and information papers, it is a valuable resource in low-tech building approaches.

Developed with support from the BRE Trust, the archive provides an insight into early learning on innovations that are still high on the news agenda, ranging from heat pumps to new towns. Some of the guidance for building in different climatic conditions stems from age-old vernacular building practice whilst other similar passive and low-tech measures are now being reappraised as we look towards a low carbon future.

The publications archive can be accessed via the BRE Bookshop's home page at www.brebookshop.com/archive