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Structural fire testing

We have considerable experience in structural fire testing. 

BRE Global's involvement in the development of National and European Codes and Standards makes us ideally suited to provide structural fire testing to meet your requirements.

Our expertise and range of facilities for fire testing mean that we can test a huge range of types and sizes of product, building component or building system.

Our facilities at BRE Global include a purpose-built burn hall for large-scale testing, standard column, beam and wall furnaces for fire resistance testing and a portable furnace facility used to conduct fire tests on a wide range of structural assemblies.

Our track record in the full-scale testing of structures is without parallel. Previous projects have included a number of large fire tests on steel, concrete and timber buildings including office and residential structures.

Large-scale tests have been carried out on a number of buildings and components to demonstrate performance at a realistic scale and when subject to realistic conditions in terms of the applied loading including both thermal and static for compliance with the regulatory requirements.


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