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Air quality

At BRE we carry out monitoring, testing and remediation of indoor air, outdoor air, vapour intrusion, radon, ventilation and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We have expertise of a wide range of air quality issues including:  

  • Indoor air quality - identifying and quantifying pollutants (e.g. volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases and particles), their sources, health risks and the action required, dealing with odour problems, assessing materials' emissions, the risks of vapour intrusion from contaminated land, radon, ventilation, damp and combustion products.
  • Outdoor air pollution - minimising its impact on indoor air quality, dealing with the effects on buildings - (i.e. the degradation and biodeterioration of building facades), - predicting pollutant emission and dispersion, measuring air pollutants, and controlling dust from construction and demolition sites.
  • Air quality monitoring - measuring a wide range of air pollutants, including gases, particles and VOCs. Measurements are used to demonstrate compliance with current health-related and environmental standards, and also for troubleshooting for buildings with air quality problems.
  • Ventilation measurement - using a variety of measurement techniques to quantify building ventilation rates for comparison with standards and requirements.
  • Aircraft cabin air quality - helping airlines and airframers around the world to deal with aviation air quality and comfort issues.
  • Materials emissions - identifying, measuring and minimising emissions from, for example, building components, materials, paints, office equipment, furnishings, combustion appliances and consumer products.
  • We can measure emissions using ISO 16000-10 to demonstrate compliance with the French legislation of 19th April 2011 concerning the labelling of VOC emissions from construction products or coverings of walls and floors and paints and varnishes. "Arrêté du 19 avril 2011 relatif à l'étiquetage des produits de construction ou de revêtement de mur ou de sol et des peintures et vernis sur leurs émissions de polluants volatils."