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UCLH Actions - Building Services


Lighting system are regularly upgraded from T8 to T5 eco tubes as part of a lamp replacement programme, combined with modifications to controls (including movement sensors in soma areas) and zoning to ensure lighting is not used in unoccupied areas unnecessarily. These measures are expected to save 2 to 3% of energy energy usage.

Initial trials of LED replacement lamps have been successfully undertaken and a wider replacement programme has begun.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioniong)

All new UCLH buildings and the refurbishment of existing premises are commissioned to maximise energy efficiency in accordance with relevant Hospital Technical Memorandums and CIBSE Guidance. Systems are periodically checked to ensure that performance does not deteriorate, with associated degradations in energy performance.

Commissioning at ULCH includes user training on how designed systems are meant to work. These key user operable controls will be captured in a building log book so that Trust staff and maintenance providers can manage these systems efficiently.

Older systems are now being assessed for energy savings, and HVAC systems will be re-commissioned to make sure that efficiency is achieved for key energy areas such as heating and ventilation.

The use of free night-time cooling and theatre air handling systems is under review to investigate whether air flow rates can be reduced when spaces are not in use (recognising the need to maintain safe infection control pressure standards).

Electrical Power

Power optimisation was initially considered by the Trust when there was very limited case study data to demonstrate the resilience and reliability of these systems in an acute hospital environment and their compatibility with diagnostic and other high consumption equipment. Power optimisation has been successfully installed in an acute hospital environment and the viability of this technology will be reassessed by the Trust.