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UCLH Actions - Metering and BEMS


In order to allow a better understanding of energy consumption UCLH has a sub-metering strategy which will be rolled out over key properties: new build PFI properties from 2010 and all existing sites by 2015.

A list detailing the location for and the proposed type of smart meters has been produced and the roll out has been prioritised into three phases in order to spread the cost of investment. The use of smart meters could reduce the energy demand, and therefore carbon emissions, by 2-20%.

Effective levels of metering or ‘sub-metering' mean energy use can be tracked on a seasonal basis, improvements can be benchmarked against real-world data, recognition of anomalies can alert to problems, best practice can be rolled out, and performance league tables can be developed.

UCLH's Energy Manager has responsibility for analysing and interpreting the data in order to;

  • monitor the success or otherwise of carbon saving projects;
  • identify new opportunities; and
  • provide clear feedback on energy performance to the Trust Board and this should be made available for public viewing

Building Management System (BMS)

The Trust's Building Management System (BMS) has been reviewed to optimise the system and to safely trial adjustments to some of the set points for heating and cooling in non critical parts of the hospital. All modifications will be carefully reviewed to ensure that the patient environment is not compromised.