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UCLH Actions for Sustainable Travel

UCLH has undertaken to promote sustainable travel and seek a reduction in CO2 emissions related to travel. This applies to staff and patient transport

All staff are responsible for ensuring that they can get to work in a sustainable and economic manner; and where possible follow green or healthy travel plans.

Actions have been identified in the following areas:

Travel Awareness - It is important that Trust staff are aware of the implications of their commute to work, and that the Trust helps employees make decisions about this and offers a low carbon, green alternative where applicable.

Public Transport - The Trust is served excellently by public transport links, which staff are encouraged to use. The Trust seeks to work should work with Transport for London (TFL) to make access and information easier and clearer to staff, patients and visitors.

Active Travel - The promotion of sustainable and active travel, will not only reduce emissions but also boost the health of staff, and additionally incorporation of active travel to patients, may lead to less health problems and a longer life.