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UCLH Actions for Sustainable Procurement

UCLH's Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Management Plan aims to achieve an annual 2% reduction in carbon emissions from procurement, resulting in a 10% decrease over 5 years. Economic savings from all activities over a five-year period could potentially be around £57 million.

Within the Plan contributors are working to achieve the following:

  • Identify further carbon reduction projects relating to procurement
  • Develop and agree a project plan in line with this plan
  • Identify key stakeholders, roles and responsibilities for each project
  • Produce emissions reduction forecasts for each project
  • Liaise with the Finance group to establish cost savings or cost pressures forecast for each project
  • Report project development and carbon reductions versus forecasts to the Strategy Group

UCLH Procurement Manager

It is the duty of the Procurement Manager to ensure that all procurement and supply chain staff are trained and aware of sustainable issues through the whole of the supply chain lifecycle.

The Procurement Manager is responsible for ensuring goods, services, etc., are produced and procured in the best possible sustainable, low carbon, and economic way. The Procurement Manager has a duty of care to procure within OJEU guidelines and sustainability parameters, in additional to those duties outlined in the job description.

Building Materials Procurement

BREEAM requirements will become standard for procurement of construction materials and timber used must be in line with central government policy on sustainable timber procurement and. Lifecycle analysis will be encouraged at all stages of tendering.