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Waste in the NHS - UCLH Actions

UCLH recognises a significant opportunity to adopt a progressive approach to waste management and are committed to achieving a target of zero waste to landfill within five years.

Engagement on Waste

UCLH  encourages a competitive spirit in staff to improve waste management, develop targets, interdepartmental league tables and update staff on progress. Waste awareness for all staff is supported by waste audits and colour-coded waste segregation.

Waste Policy

A published waste management policy endorsed by the board is reinforced through waste management reports which will include carbon calculations and sustainability.

Waste Champions

Individuals are identified to become waste champions and we will provide training on appropriate waste management.

Efficient use of Materials

All contractors are obliged to ensure that construction materials are used and managed in a way that minimises transport requirements, handling and wastage.

Reuse and Recycling

Reuse and recycle will become the default option in all waste management decisions including paper waste, old IT equipment, cartridges, cans and Trust furniture.

Space for Waste Management

UCLH will require its design teams to provide sufficient space and facilities at each of its new sites for the proper separation and storage. UCLH has already reviewed packaging with some of its supply chains to try and reduce packaging needs.

Waste Contractors

All waste disposal contractors are vetted to ensure safe and secure disposal of non-recyclable items. There is a commitment to identify the  total lifespan and associated waste of our supplies.

Construction Waste

Buildings will be designed with the intention that they can be deconstructed and component materials reused elsewhere when they fulfil their intended life span. Where applicable, the design will seek to incorporate existing building fabric such as roof tiles or windows into new designs.

Contractors are required to provide Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) using the BRE SMARTWaste Tool for all sites at the design and construction stage.