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Waste in the NHS - Recycling and Reuse

The ambition should of all NHS Trusts should be to maximise the re-use and recycling of resources, and help it become the default option in all waste management decisions.

Facilitate effective handling and segregation of waste through on-site waste storage facilities. Promote waste awareness in all staff, including domestic staff, to ensure all adhere to Trust guidelines for waste segregation and disposal.

Ensure that waste is separated and diverted from landfill wherever possible, and that recyclates are appropriately channelled.

Where materials can be re-used directly, identify options for providing them with a second life.

Re-use ICT waste by signing up to computers for charity schemes, considering MOD programme for reuse of e-waste and recycling ink-jet cartridges/using refillable ones.

Eliminate food waste for landfill by considering charity recipients of surplus food and reviewing alternative treatment options.

Assess available waste disposal / management contractors options