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Waste in the NHS - Waste Management

The key steps in effective waste management are:

Publish a clear policy, endorsed by senior management setting targets for waste management performance and scope for actions

Consider lifecycle waste impacts of all supplies and reduce, re-use, recycle wherever possible.

Demand a high level of accountability from waste management contractors. Vet all waste disposal/management contractors  to ensure safe and secure disposal of non recyclable items.

Appoint waste champions and provide staff training on appropriate waste management. Promote efficient practices to staff, sub contractors and patients. Consider introducing a competitive element in staff to do well and encourage sustainable waste management

Construction Waste: adopt and continuously improve site waste management plans (SWMPs) for major projects. Develop a possible implement a ‘re-use and adaptability plan' avoiding new materials, waste and excess labour wherever possible.

Measure, benchmark and manage the following waste streams as a minimum: general, clinical, ICT, construction and food waste