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European reaction to fire testing of building products

We provide a range of reaction to fire testing services to help your business meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of Approved Document B (Fire Safety) and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), including classification against EN 13501-1 and CE Marking.

As more and more product standards and ETA guidelines (ETAG) are published through CEN and EOTA respectively, an increasing number of companies are required to test their products to EN 13501, Parts 1 to 5.

Testing and consultancy services

Our expert teams provide testing, certification and consultancy services to help your company enter or enhance its position in this market. These include:

• advice on interpreting product standards in relation to reaction to fire testing
• help with developing test programmes to maximise product compliance and reduce test costs
• assessment services to expand the scope of test reports to cover other product areas
• fast track testing services to a wide range of product and test standards.

Construction products
We offer consultancy, testing, third party certification and research & development for the following suite of tests specified within 13501-1:

• ‘Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests'
• BS EN 13823 ‘Reaction to fire tests for building products - Building products excluding floorings exposed to thermal attack by a single burning item' - the SBI test
• BS EN 11925-2 ‘Reaction to fire tests - Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame - Part 2: Single-flame source test' - the small flame test
• BS EN ISO 1716 ‘Reaction to fire tests for products - Determination of the gross heat of combustion (Calorific value)' (ISO 1716: 2010) - the bomb calorimeter test
• BS EN ISO 1182 ‘Reaction to fire tests for building products - Non-combustibility test'.