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UCLH Sustainable Development Reporting

UCLH's monitoring and reporting pocedures enable the Trust to be clear about its sustainability aims and targets, and how it is planning on achieving these. Sustainability and carbon management reporting has started to become an extension of its normal day to day practices. A sumary of monitoring requirements is set out in the table below, which clearly identifies individuals with responsibility for monitoring progress and reporting frequency.


The Trust's roadmap highlights milestones and targets, to allow a clear line of reporting, and illustrates the process the Trust is planning on taking to achieve sustainable operations and carbon reductions. The following chart, which uses the NHS Good Corporate Citizenship Tool, shows that the Trust is performing against peer groups and esceeding current (2012) targets, whilst indicating that further progress is needed to achieve targets for 2015 and 2020.  

The Trust reports on all aspects of sustainability and carbon management performance, and seeks to demonstrate within its reporting approach that feedback from the actions in place is being taken into account for future improvement.


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