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Sustainable shopfittings

The Low Impact Sustainability Tool (LIST) focuses on a key area of retail sustainability that has had little previous attention - the large quantities of display and shelving equipment that play such a crucial role in the character and success of shops and stores.

Shopfittings have important environmental and cost implications, as they are regularly replaced and discarded - usually to landfill. LIST helps shopfitting designers and manufacturers to use more sustainable materials and designs, and retailers to select equipment that will support their sustainability goals.

The LIST method of reducing the impact of shopfittings on the environment is:

Supported by key industry figures. LIST has been developed in partnership with Marks & Spencer, design consultancy Fitch, and point of purchase company DisplayPlan. The development project was funded by the BRE Trust with contributions from the partners.

Based on BRE's environmental profiles methodology. This ‘cradle to grave' assessment approach has been developed over the last two decades to provide a robust, scientifically-based assessment of all aspects of environmental impact.

A design aid. The design and production of a shopfitting unit can be assessed to pinpoint where the key environmental impacts occur - in the raw materials, packaging, transport, maintenance or end-of-life. Improvements can then be made and the design reassessed.

An aid to retailers. The tool enables retailers to assess current and available shopfittings, and make choices that improve their environmental performance.

Easy to use. No technical, life-cycle assessment or sustainability knowledge is required.

Widely applicable. LIST can be applied to everything from a single item of equipment to the shopfitting requirements of an entire store.

Fully explained on the LIST website at www.bre.co.uk/sustainableshopfit