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Water Use in the NHS - Action Areas

Managing water efficiently across the healthcare estate will require a wide range of approaches and will ultimately have a large impact on the healthcare sector's environmental footprint.

One of the main aspects of a water strategy is water efficiency, but it should be much wider than that, encompassing the role of staff and water issues ranging from flooding to hygiene.

Reuse and Recycling

Water is a precious commodity and should be used frugally, reuse of water will both reduce carbon related to this and reduce supply demand.

Water Efficiency

Improving water efficiency will reduce the Trusts demand and subsequently have a knock on effect on water related carbon emissions


Ensuring the correct equipment is used and using equipment designed to improve efficiency will reduce the Trust's demand for water.

Water Metering

Water metering will give an accurate depiction of water usage and allow benchmarks to be set, and make it obvious when there may be leaks or problems with the water supply.