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Fire testing for the transport sector

We provide a wide range of fire-related services to help businesses meet regulatory and compliance requirements when operating in the transport sector.

The diverse national and international transport market can involve a unique set of compliance and testing requirements that companies must meet before their products and services can be used in this sector. We can help with this through -

Advice and consultancy services that can help your company enter or enhance its position in this market by providing:

  • information on the regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction
  • help with developing test programmes to maximise product compliance and reduce test costs
  • assessment services to expand the scope of test reports to cover other product areas
  • fast track testing services to a wide range of standards - BRE maintains a wide range of third-party accreditations to underpin its international reputation
  • fire investigation and installation inspection services.

Rail transportservices that include:

  • consultancy, testing, third-party certification and R&D in areas including the regulatory and compliance requirements for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger trains, the analysis of gaseous effluents and the fire protection of railway vehicles.
  • the nomination of products for London Underground product approval procedures.

Marinefire protection applications (civil and military) - a full range of services for:

  • compliance testing, R&D and approval for the European Directive for Marine Equipment
  • testing for current and future classification of materials and products for use HM Ships & Submarines and other European navies under Defence Standards, NES (Naval Engineering Standards) and the NATO Naval Ship Code.

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