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Stone testing

Our experts provide a comprehensive stone testing service that ranges from carrying out basic tests on natural stone, through to comprehensive analysis of entire building systems. 

Our stone laboratory is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No.0578.

Tests to a range of standards, including petrographic analysis, flexural and compressive strength, and water absorption. Further examples are listed below* and the full list is on the UKAS website.

Bespoke laboratory testing of stone or stone related products. This testing goes beyond that outlined in standards to find out, for example, the cause of a problem with a stone in service, or to see if stone can withstand long periods in a particular environment - such as hot and dry, very wet or extreme cold conditions. We can modify current test setups or build specialist rigs to suit most needs. 

BRE is also a notified body and therefore has been deemed competent to make independent judgements on the compliance of products with essential requirements laid down by each CE marking directive.

*Our stone testing services include:

  • Geological tests: petrographic description.
  • Mechanical tests: compressive strength, flexural strength, modulus of rupture, flexural strength under concentrated load, compressive strength, frost resistance.
  • Physical tests: bulk specific gravity, water absorption, saturation coefficient, porosity, salt crystallisation, sulphuric acid immersion, slip resistance.