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Other exemplars

The Victorian Terrace is a key project within BRE's 300 domestic refurbishment exemplars, a selection of which are described below.

Sheffield Eco-terrace Exemplar, South Yorkshire

In 2007, Sheffield City Council ran a design competition as part of its wider regeneration plans for the Page Hall and Fir Vale areas. Leading architects were asked to come up with plans to refurbish five terraced houses along four different themes:

  • Eco-terrace that reduced the carbon footprint of the property
  • 'Twice the terrace', converting two adjacent properties into one larger one
  • 21st Century terrace, picking up on city living and urban loft concepts
  • Healthy terrace, maximising safety and accessibility.

Calderdale Exemplar, West Yorkshire

This project involves the renovation of one 'back-to-back' terrace property and aims to bring a tangible illustration of what can be done with the local housing stock.

Leeds Exemplar Refurbishment Project, West Yorkshire

The sustainable refurbishment of a 'back-to-back' terraced property in Beeston on the outskirts of Leeds. This exemplar shows the feasibility of carrying out renovations on a property type that is very common to the area. In this project a number of tests will be carried out to ensure the success of the renovation measures taken, including airtightness and thermal imaging.

It will also assess the building's energy use before and after the refurbishment using SAP rating and smart meters to monitor ongoing energy usage. Acoustic testing will assess whether noise-reduction measures have transmission improved acoustic performance and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing will assess levels of volatile organic compounds; particulates; carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide; ventilation rates; as well as temperature and humidity.

Newcastle-under-Lyme exemplar, Staffordshire

BRE is working with RENEW North Staffordshire, and Staffordshire Housing Association to transform a hard-to-treat, Victorian home, typical of the area, into two semi-detached properties. This work will address four key issues and aims to:

  • improve thermal comfort and reducing fuel poverty
  • mitigate/ adapt to climate change by significantly reducing carbon emissions and mains water use
  • improve the existing housing stock for the needs of older people or those with disabilities
  • address the extreme social deprivation concentrated on social housing estates.

Stoke-on -Trent exemplar, Staffordshire

The project, in conjunction with RENEW North Staffordshire and Beth Johnson Housing Association, aims to conduct a initial pilot study to adapt a typical Victorian terrace to create larger family units with improved layouts. These will be achieved by converting two houses into a larger family home. The refurbishment will be to high eco-standards, be energy efficient and monitored on a before and after basis.

Nelson Exemplar, East Lancashire

The team will be working on a heritage property within the Nelson conservation area. It is a small two bedroom property currently in very poor condition and originally due for demolition. The aim is to refurbish the house to a sustainable habitable state taking into consideration a number of heritage issues.

All pre-refurbishment tests on this property were conducted on the 10th of March. We are currently awaiting for the results and some images of the property which will enable the refurbishment team to develop a specification template and a refurbishment strategy. 

St Ives Exemplar, Huntingdonshire

This project involves the renovation of a 1960s property in collaboration with Huntingdonshire District council and other partners. The aim is to create 'Green' showhomes, in a bid to encourage, educate and influence local residents to be more energy efficient and to tackle climate change issues. The new property will be fitted with practical, cost effective, carbon saving technologies for demonstration purposes.

St Neot's Exemplar, Huntingdonshire

With this semi-detached, three bedroom refurbishment project, the team aims to overcome several challenges these include the property being off the mains gas board as well as the location being deemed a high flood risk area. Huntingdonshire District Council has identified tackling climate change as a key priority within the recently adopted Environment Strategy. This demonstration project will play an important part in educating the private housing sector which contributes to around 20 per cent of the carbon emissions in the district, to become greener within their homes.