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Victorian Terrace Partners

The project is a collaboration between BRE, government and the private sector.


Wates Living Space 

Building or refurbishing some 26,000 homes every year, working through more than 50 affordable housing frameworks, Wates Living Space has expertise across a wide range of projects including refurbishment, supported living, mixed-use, mixed-tenure, maintenance and PFI. It is BRE's leading partner in the Victorian Terrace Project, bringing structural refurbishment management expertise plus coordination and advice on traditional and forward-thinking design and installations.

For more information visit Wates Living Space.

Corporate support


BASF is sponsoring the Presentation Zone at the Victorian Terrace.  It understands that buildings which are more energy efficient will use less energy, save money and help protect the environment. BASF offers the construction industry raw materials, formulations and systems for energy efficient and sustainable construction and has been working with customers and designers across the world to demonstrate how energy efficiency in buildings can be achieved.

For more information visit BASF.


Saint-Gobain sponsors Demonstration Home B at the Victorian Terrace. Some of the leading names in the UK & Ireland construction sector are part of Saint-Gobain. The company is committed to providing innovative products and solutions to meet some of the most fundamental challenges facing the world today: reducing energy consumption, limiting our impact on the environment, and creating a new generation of buildings which are safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

For more information visit Saint-Gobain.


Springvale sponsors Demonstration House C at the Victorian Terrace. Springvale is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene in the UK, serving customers across the country from three manufacturing plants in Newcastle upon Tyne, Glossop and Ballyclare. Springvale strives to lead the industry through an in depth understanding of the Building Regulations, customer needs and environmental issues and is proud to be involved with the Victorian Terrace Project, which demonstrates its commitment to energy-saving in all aspects of the built environment.

For more information visit Springvale.

Dodd Group

Dodd Group is one of the one of the country’s leading independent mechanical and electrical contractors. It offers a comprehensive electrical and mechanical design, installation and maintenance service across many sectors including residential and commercial building. Awarded the Specialist Award in 2008, Dodd Group was described by Construction News as “A progressive company majoring on sustainability, collaborative working and training, and engaging with the community”.

For more information visit Dodd Group.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is among the UK’s leading energy companies, handling energy production. It is committed to reducing its carbon and waste, developing renewables, helping poor-fuel customers.

For further information visit edf Energy.


Marks and Spencer (M&S) is one of the UK’s leading retailers. M&S manages its social, environmental and ethical responsibilities through the Plan A initiative. Launched in January 2007, Plan A now has 180 commitments to combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials, trade ethically and help customers to lead healthier lifestyles by 2015.

For more information visit M&S.


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Other stakeholders

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