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Robust testing

Assessing the building's energy performance.

BRE is testing the different solutions used in the refurbishment to find out how they are helping to make the Victorian Terrace more energy-efficient. The tests, modelling and measurements are common to all BRE refurbishment projects and include:

  • airtightness testing
  • infra-red thermography
  • SAP modelling
  • PassivHaus Planning Package modelling
  • energy testing
  • specification preparation
  • costs and payback periods for improvements
  • measures to achieve EPC rating.

Performance targets

The Victorian Terrace will be assessed under the BRE Environmental Assessment (BREEAM) method as well as the dwellings being modelled under SAP. The targets were defined as follows:

Presentation Room
Walls U value 0.25 W m2K
Floor U value 0.22

Demonstration House B
Walls U value 0.25 W m2K
Floor U value 0.22
Roof 0.16

Demonstration House C
Walls U value 0.15 W m2K
Floor U value 0.22
Roof 0.16