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BRE Global and the Action Programme on Responsible Sourcing (APRES) Network

BRE Global is one of the core partners within a network managed by Loughborough University and funded through the EPSRC within the Built Environment sub-theme of their Process, Environment and Sustainability Programme.  Other core partners include Tarmac Ltd, Bovis Lend Lease, Scot Wilson, University of Nottingham and the University of Warwick.

With work commencing in October 2010 the aim of the APRES (Action Programme on REsponsible Sourcing) network is to develop a programme in response to the challenges of delivering responsible sourcing in the UK construction industry. To achieve this, the network will act as a knowledge-sharing and dissemination focus of responsible sourcing practices and will help forge new research ideas and relationships and provide guidance direct to the industry.

The breadth and complexity of technology, market and context challenges associated with responsible sourcing will be best tackled by a multi-disciplinary group of academics and industrialists who will:

  • analyse these problems
  • develop an action programme
  • disseminate outcomes, and
  • influence others to sustain a healthy community of practice on responsible sourcing into the future

The specific objectives of the APRES network are to:

  • explore the challenges involved in delivering responsible sourcing to help develop a coordinated action programme
  • establish and sustain an enthusiastic membership base such that it becomes a well-established and reliable community of practice
  • map the industry's skills and knowledge needs through dialogue with network members in workshops on context, market and technology challenges
  • define academic R&D directions and improve the quality of research interaction between academics and industry
  • identify and disseminate outcomes and bestpractice to the industry and others, via a dedicated website, email and themed events; acting as an independent, central point of information
  • provide an open and impartial discussion forum for the construction industry and its customers, academics, government and standard-setting bodies