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Materials research

We combine leading expertise in all aspects of construction materials, with a superb array of research and testing facilities to offer a comprehensive materials research service.

If you are developing or testing new materials, making new uses of traditional materials, industrial by-products or recycling products, or have an application for which an innovative use of materials is needed - our expert research teams can help.

Our materials research includes:

New materials - the suitability, durability and risks of innovative building materials, such as composites, and new aggregates.

Industrial by-products and recycled materials - new applications for by-products of manufacturing processes that would usually go to landfill, and of materials generated by recycling - gypsum from recycled plasterboard for example. We research the suitability of these materials for use in construction, their performance, cost effectiveness and environmental credentials.

Natural materials such as lime, hemp and wood fibre board

Traditional materials - the innovative use of traditional, natural and recycled construction materials. We also research improvements in the durability and sustainability of commonly used materials - such as metal, timber and concrete - and the conservation and repair of heritage building materials.

Low-impact materials - new materials being developed to reduce waste and the environmental impacts of manufacturing and construction. We examine their long-term impact and behaviour, and how will they perform - for example, in a building fire.

Certification - assessing and certifying materials for performance, sustainability and responsible sourcing. Lists of certified materials are presented at Red Book Live and Green Book Live.