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Indoor environments

Testing and monitoring services

It is estimated that we spend up to 80% of our time indoors, so the quality of the indoor environments in which we live and work is crucial to our health and wellbeing.

We offer a range of testing and monitoring services covering many aspects of indoor environments, be they residential or commercial. 

Our services include :-

Acoustic testing - includingairborne sound insulation testing, environmental noise assessments and other acoustics standards and tests.

Airtightness -  at all stages of planning and construction, BRE offers airtightness testing and leakage audits on buildings of all types and sizes.

Energy assessments -  BRE offers a wide range of capabilities regarding the investigation of thethermal performance of buildings through monitoring of energy use and thermal imaging.

HVACwe can test the performance of all types of HVAC systems using standard test procedures or by carrying out physical modelling (using full-size or scale mock-up models).

Indoor air quality - comprehensive indoor air quality testing and monitoring services based on our extensive experience of analysing air in buildings of all kinds, including houses, offices, schools and healthcare settings.

Ventilation - BRE has extensive experience in ventilation measurement, including determination of ventilation rates by passive techniques using tracer gases.

Thermal comfort and overheating  -  BRE offers assessment and monitoring of indoor spaces in order to investigate the thermal comfort of occupants, and also a range of services in cases where buildings are found to be overheating - ranging from monitoring and inspections to expert witness services.

We offer the following testing options:

  • Cross-trained BRE testing teams are able to carry out coordinated testing programmes - providing the best value for money.
  • Testing packages may be tailored to suit any need and budget.