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Fire resisting systems and fire protection construction products

Correctly specifying and installing fire resisting systems and fire protection construction products (also known as passive fire protection products) is fundamental to fire safety in buildings.

These systems and products generally form part of the fabric of a building and are vital to maintain means of escape and to contain the fire in the room of origin. They limit the spread of fire from one area to another, reducing loss and increasing the safety of building occupants and fire fighters.

Therefore it is important that these products are manufactured and installed to the same standard as originally approved.  LPCB listed products and services provide assurance to specifiers and the approval authorities that the products and systems manufactured and installed will provide the fire protection required.

LPCB mark of approval

LPCB has been assessing and approving fire resisting systems and fire protection construction products for more than 100 years and has one of the best equipped laboratories in the world. The products, systems and services we approve include:

Building sector - Protection of structural steelwork, cladding systems, partitions, load bearing walls, cavity barriers and penetration seals, fire doors, shutters and glazing, fire resisting ductwork and fire dampers, floors and ceilings.

Transport sector - products approved for use in the rail transport sector, and other surface and sub-surface transport applications.

Marine sector - products and systems for use in marine applications.

Contractors - installers of fire resisting systems and fire protection construction products.

European Directive for Marine Equipment

The European Directive for Marine Equipment (96/98 EC) was ratified on 30 June 1998 and came into force on 1 January 1999. The current Directive is 2014/90/EU.

In addition to its internationally recognised mark of approval, BRE Global Ltd. can offer:

  • CE Marking to Construction Products Directive
  • CE Marking to Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Pi Mark to Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Wheel Mark to Marine Equipment Directive

BRE Global Ltd issues Certificates of Conformity to manufacturers for the purpose of the CE marking of their products.


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