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Fire detection and alarm products, systems and cables

Fire detection and alarm products and systems that are correctly designed, manufactured, installed and maintained can provide early warning of fire that can help save lives.  

Systems are typically made up of several inter-linked components such as detectors - smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, flame and others - manual call points, sounders, control and power supply equipment, fire extinguishing panels and cables.

Cables alone are very rarely the source of a fire but can add to the potential for spread of fire and toxic smoke throughout a building via shafts, roof voids etc. It is therefore critical that cables are tested and approved to the relevant standards.

We provide a complete range testing and approvals for fire detection products and systems and cables covering all relevant markets such as construction, marine, transport and the like.

What to look for

For maximum protection from fire specifiers should look for:

Products - that are tested and approved to an appropriate standard.

Fire and alarm systems - that are tested and approved for system compatibility.

Companies - that are approved to take single point responsibility for the design, installation and commissioning of fire detection and alarm systems.

LPCB mark of approval

Specifying LPCB approval helps to eliminate potentially unreliable counterfeit and non-compliant products, and to achieve compliance of products and services internationally.

LPCB has been approving fire alarm and detection equipment for more than 30 year and testing and approving cable equipment for over 16 years. It has one of best equipped laboratories in the world, with equipment continuously evolving to service new technologies and standards in the fire detection and cables fields.  

European Directive for Marine Equipment

The European Directive for Marine Equipment (96/98 EC) was ratified on 30 June 1998 and came into force on 1 January 1999. The current Directive is 2014/90/EU.

In addition to its internationally recognised mark of approval, BRE Global Ltd. can offer:

  • CE Marking to Construction Products Directive
  • CE Marking to Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Pi Mark to Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Wheel Mark to Marine Equipment Directive

BRE Global Ltd issues Certificates of Conformity to manufacturers for the purpose of the CE marking of their products. 

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