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The specialist knowledge and R&D capabilities to bring your ideas to life.

The most successful businesses are continually innovating - developing fresh ideas that will improve efficiency and provide the new and improved products needed for continued prosperity.

Our specialist knowledge of built environment design, building processes, materials, products, systems and technologies - along with our research and development capabilities - can help you bring your ideas to life. These capabilities include:

R&D consultancy - you candiscuss and progress your ideas with our experts, who will advise on the latest developments and legislation that might affect your innovation.

Innovation development and marketing ­- through BRE Ventures  and theInnovation Den we bring together innovators and markets in ways that benefit both through the effective capture, development and marketing of ideas.

Testing - our outstanding range offacilities for testing the performance of materials, products, systems and buildings will objectively and accurately demonstrate how well your innovation performs.

Among these facilities are an extensive laboratory in which full-scale buildings and systems can be tested, a wind tunnel, one of Europe's largest anechoic chambers, an HVAC test laboratory, a wide range of timber performance test equipment, and fire test facilities that include the largest Burn Hall in Europe and equipment for testing fire, security, electronic and extinguishing systems.

Certification - we offeran independent, third-party certification and approvals service for innovative products, materials and whole systems.

Exposure on the BRE Innovation Park - featuring over 300 different construction innovations and emerging technologies, our Innovation Park attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world every year. Visit the Park to see for yourself.